Tempest Lantern Decorative Outdoor Gas Lamp - Electronic Ignition

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IN STOCK! Fast & Free Shipping! Torches with electronic ignition require a 24v transformer. Each 24v transformer can power up to 6 torches at a time.
Optional Add-on / Upgrade
Wall Mount - Tempest Lantern Mount
Wall Mount - Tempest Lantern Decorative Outdoor Gas Lamp Mount - 94800831
Pillar Mount - Tempest Torch Mount
Pillar Mount - Tempest Torch Decorative Outdoor Gas Lamp Mount
In Ground Post - Tempest Torch Mount
In Ground Post - Tempest Torch Decorative Outdoor Gas Lamp Mount
Deck Post and Deck Mount - Specifications
Deck Mount and Post - Tempest Torch Decorative Outdoor Gas Lamp Mount
Optional Add-on / Upgrade
Post Cover - Tempest Torch Mount
Post Base Cover Black - Tempest Torch Decorative Post Cover
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Lantern Details:

The Tempest Lantern's tempered glass housing design directs the oxygen needed for combustion, increasing the flame velocity for a dramatic, spiral-like presentation of fire. Beyond its groundbreaking design, the Tempest Lantern's practicality and usability are just as impressive.

The variable flame reaches a height of 17", puts out up to 20,000 BTUs. The four-sided, 18" tall open-air tempered glass housing is designed to prevent the flame from going out during high winds or rainfall, but includes an automatic gas safety shutoff valve, should the flame ever go out.

The Tempest Lantern offers numerous display options for a personalized look: short or tall post versions, wall mounted, without a base for those wanting to construct something unique or utilize an existing feature. With all of these options available, fitting the Tempest Lantern into your yard for landscape lighting or for general outdoor lighting is simple and easy. Each option is designed to incorporate the alluring, spiral-like flame into exterior spaces.

Each Lantern Includes:

  • Traditional looking gas lantern design
  • Tempered glass (easy removal for cleaning)
  • Durable, black high temperature powder coated frame & Cap
  • Stainless Steel burner
  • Automatic gas shut off if flame goes out
  • Choice of Piezo igniter or Low Voltage 24V electric ignition models
  • Easy access control panel (Manual Start Model Only)
  • Wet weather lighting port
  • Single ON/OFF and flame height control
  • Natural gas or propane models
  • Rain Cap
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Tempest Lantern | LIFESTYLE PHOTOS

Tempest LanterGas Torch in Driveway Lifestyle

Tempest LanterGas Torch in Front Walkway Lifestyle

Tempest LanternGas Torch in Restaurant Commercial

Transformer for Tempest Torches

24V Transformer:

Note: A 24V Transformer Is Required To Power/Operate Torch Head. Installation Professional May Choose To Use Their Own Transformer.

The Tempest Torch 24V Transformer is sold separately and Can run up to 6 x 24v torches. Transformer can be located up to 445 ft. from single torch, or approximately 100 ft from group of four torches.

Click Here To Purchase The Travis 24V Transformer

Features / Options / Installation Kits:


Tempest Torch Head Features:(Available In Natural Gas or Liquid Propane)

Manual Ignition Tempest Torch Head Includes: Head, Stainless Steel Base, Glass, 12" Flex Line, Ball Valve, Removable Raincap & Cover

Owner's Manual & Brochure:

Manual | PDF | Download

Brochure | PDF | Download


Pillar  Mount Option:

Pillar Mount Mount Features: 3" x 11" - Allows installation on raised pillar or pedestal. Includes 1/2" flex line.

Pillar Mount Install Instructions | PDF | Download


Post Mount Options:

In Ground Post Mount Features: 3" x 99" Post & 1/2" Flex

 In Ground Mount Install Instructions | PDF | Download

Deck Mount Options:

Deck Mount Features: 3" x 6" Diameter Plate, 3" x 69" Post & 1/2" Flex

Deck Mount Install Instructions | PDF | Download

Deck Post Install Instructions | PDF | Download


Post Cover Options:

Post Cover - Square Black Features : Square, Black. For Deck Mount. Decorative Base. 13" sq. x 6" H

Note: For Use With In-Ground Post Or Deck Mount Post Only

Square Black Deck Post Cover Instructions | PDF | Download


Wall Mount Option:

Wall Mount Mount Option: Color - Black. Includes 1/2" Flex Line.

Wall Mount Installation Instructions | PDF | Download

Tempest Torch Concept

The Tempest Torch was created as an outdoor lighting and outdoor furnishing/accessory for a wide array of exterior settings and applications. The display possibilities are nearly endless: outdoor lighting for living spaces, walkway pillars, mounted onto moveable stainless steel columns, atop stone pillars or deck posts, or attached to any building's exterior for outdoor lighting. The Tempest Torch's innovation comes from its patent-pending torch technology that requires no mechanical or electrical means. Its no-power draft system simply utilizes the Venturi Effect for its unique flame appearance.

Manual’s & PDF’s
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Additional Product Specifications

BTUs: 20,000

Glass Height: 18"

Flame Height: 17"

Rain Cap: Included

Glass Type: Tempered Glass

Safety: Automatic Flame Shutoff

Voltage: 24v

Transformer: Not Included (Needed)

Legal Disclaimers and Warnings

Please Read: Product packaging, owners’ manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information than what is shown on our website. The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product.

Prop 65 WARNING for California residents: this product may contain lead and lead chemical(s) known to the state of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm.

Year 1 COVERAGE: PARTS & LABOR Burner Assembly: Burner, Venturi, Flame Spreader, Orifice, Gas Control Assembly: Gas valve, cover plate and hardware, thermocouple, pilot hood, pilot gas line, piezo igniter, tip switch and wiring, LP regulator (if applicable) Glass: Glass (breakage from thermal shock only) Accessories: Portable base (including post and tank cover), wall mount bracket, in-ground post, and pier post One-Way Freight Allowance: One-way freight allowance on pre-authorized repair done at factory is covered. Exclusions: Paint and Finish Further CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS Apply