Silver - 1/2" Reflective Fire Glass 10lbs

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Fire Glass Description

This brilliant fire glass is sure to welcome all star gazers whether used in an indoor fireplace or an outdoor in a fire pit. When unlit, the glass is reminiscent of scattered blocks of ice. Once under fire, the effect is simply otherworldly. The premium reflective glass looks like gleaming, melting ice, which has been miraculously set alight. It is time that you replaced those antiquated gas fire logs with Exotic Fire Glass' modern and stylish reflective fire glass. A truly innovative way to not only enhance your living space, but also hide those indiscreet gas pipes often found in fireplaces and fire pits. Made of tempered glass, this premium fire glass has been designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather without cracking, losing its color, or shape. It is also pre-tumbled to smoothen away any sharp edges, making it completely safe to handle. Additionally, this beautiful reflective fire glass gives off no smoke, ash, or soot, which means you will spend more time enjoying the spectacular display rather than cleaning it up.


  • Weight: 10lbs Bag
  • Material: Color Infused Tempered Glass
  • Type: Reflective
  • Color: Silver Reflective
  • Use: Fire Bowls, Fire Pits & Fireplaces
  • Size: 1/2 Inch Thick
  • Heat Rating: Higher Temperature When Compared to Logs, Lava Rocks & Stones
  • Quality Control: Stringent Multi-step QC Encompassing Polishing, Sifting & Packaging in the U.S.
  • Cleaning: Easy Cleaning - Rinse with Vinegar & Water - 50:50 Ratio is Recommended
  • Maintenance: Remove Any Kind of Debris Before Lighting - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Additional Product Specifications

Color: Silver