24V Transformer - Powers Up to 6 Torches Electronic Ignition - Tempest Torch

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* Torches with electronic ignition require a 24v transformer. Each 24v transformer can power up to 6 torches at a time!
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This transformer is designed for the Tempest 24v Torch (NG or LP). This transformer is rated at 0.500 kVA. The transformer will power up to 6 torch heads. The maximum number varies depending upon the total length of cable attached between the transformer and torches. Typically the Transformer can be located up to 445 ft. from single torch, or approximately 100 ft from group of four torches. See the torch manual for additional details.

Included Items:

  • Transformer
  • (2) Strain Reliefs

Owner's Manual & Specifications:

Owners Manual 24v Transformer | PDF | Download

Additional Product Specifications

Year 1 COVERAGE: PARTS & LABOR Burner Assembly: Burner, Venturi, Flame Spreader, Orifice, Gas Control Assembly: Gas valve, cover plate and hardware, thermocouple, pilot hood, pilot gas line, piezo igniter, tip switch and wiring, LP regulator (if applicable) Glass: Glass (breakage from thermal shock only) Accessories: Portable base (including post and tank cover), wall mount bracket, in-ground post, and pier post One-Way Freight Allowance: One-way freight allowance on pre-authorized repair done at factory is covered. Exclusions: Paint and Finish Further CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS Apply